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Get the most out of Domo with consulting, custom apps, and custom visualizations.

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On-Demand Consultants.
Immediate Turnaround.

We are certified Domo consultants, and we are ready to help.

We work with companies of all sizes, from local car dealerships to global pharmaceutical companies.

Our team can provide you the roadmap to drive business success with Domo as your operating system. We extend the 4D process you created during your initial implementation, and turn those statements into a living analytics plan that will guide your implementation. RXA works on projects as small as a few hours and as large as full-time retainers.

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Performance by the Numbers

Applied Artificial Intelligence

Looking for AI? We can implement deep learning and machine learning applications to power up your Domo instance.

Forecasting, predictive analytics, advanced quality monitoring, customer segmentation, media mix, and media attribution. We have several pre-built applications that can be deployed immediately, and we can create custom solutions to fit your exact needs.

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Custom Apps

Fully customized applications, visualizations, and dashboards for Domo.

Domo Consulting

On-Demand Certified Domo Business and Technical consultants.

AI for Domo

Deploy Machine Learning and Deep Learning models on your Domo data.

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