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Get the most out of Domo with consulting, custom apps, and custom visualizations.

Providing Fortune 500 companies who are leveraging Domo with the predictive, strategic insights they need, delivered the moment they need them.

RXA leverages Domo Data science and auto machine learning to give you access to data science actions and ETL script tiles within a live product environment that delivers real-time strategic information.

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Applied Artificial Intelligence

Looking for AI? We can implement deep learning and machine learning applications to power up your Domo instance.

Forecasting, predictive analytics, advanced quality monitoring, customer segmentation, media mix, and media attribution. We have several pre-built applications that can be deployed immediately, and we can create custom solutions to fit your exact needs.

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Data Science Actions

Domo lets you combine drag-and-drop tiles with the joins, appends, and groups already simplified in ETL with six data science actions:​

  • Classification​
  • Forecasting​
  • Outlier detection​
  • Multivariate outliers​
  • Clustering​
  • Prediction​​
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RXA’s experienced consultants help you customize Domo to your specific needs in a way that balances people, processes, and technology throughout your organization.​

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Customized Solution

RXA leads surveys, data audits, and data science diagnostics to customize data science solution to your needs.​

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Statistical Approach

The RXA data science team works with you to determine the relevant statistical approach to identify which variables should be included in your solution.​

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Actionable Dashboards

Predictive analytics flow into custom dashboards that delivers speed, scale, and simplicity.​

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