Industry Solutions

Proactively manage your business.​

RXA has worked with retailers on a variety of projects to help them deeply understand and improve their business performance.​

Gauge performance​

Create dashboards that act as the single source of truth for performance and KPI reporting to better understand business performance​.

Increase revenue

Identify areas of improvement that directly impact the bottom line, or develop a completely new revenue stream​.

Optimize store operations​

Build accurate forecasts to better plan for the future in terms of customer demand, employee activity, sales efforts, costs, revenue, and more​.

How Rite Aid identified $250,000 of lost revenue per retail location​

2.36% increase in positive comments about customer service​

$250K revenue increase/store/year​

Rite Aid was not meeting front-of-store sales targets and did not have a mechanism in place to identify the issues and how to address them. RXA’s VoCx and Customer Lifecycle solutions combined its online sentiment data with the retailer’s customer satisfaction, call center, emails, and online reviews data and analyzed the data in geographical clusters.

This allowed distinct action plans and training programs to be created and enacted at the store level.

Music & Performing Arts Products

AI / BI Consulting

How Wenger improved forecast precision to proactively control revenues and costs​

Wenger, a leading musical supply organization, was struggling to adequately forecast yearend sales. Production rates, sales effort, costs, and EBITDA were variable in Q4 of each year and the organization was stuck responding to the volatility. RXA engaged an applied AI-based forecasting solution that integrated control data into an accurate, multivariate forecasting platform across the organization.​

13 category forecasts improved

50% overall improvement on forecast precision​

Retail Data Management

ETL & AI / BI Consulting

How a retail data manager is working to increase store revenue​

A company manages the data needs of over 1,350 independent grocery stores and vendors. RXA was engaged to develop and implemented an advanced analytics embedded reporting solution that the company could productize for their customers.​​

Created new multi-million-dollar revenue stream

Automotive Service Retailer

AI / BI Consulting

How Belle Tire saved 14% on hourly labor costs​

Belle Tire sensed they were typically over staffing but were unable to forecast when it would occur. They also noticed periods of customer wait times when they were understaffed. Using the Weave Workforce demand prediction and scheduling software provided a step change of improvement in labor costs and profitability.​

14% reduction in hourly labor costs

2.1% increase in same store sales​

75 Maintained Net Promoter Score​

8.4% increase in same store EBITDA​

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