Industry Solutions

Understand consumer behavior.

RXA has worked with media companies on a variety of projects to understand and respond to consumer behavior.​

Gauge performance​

Create dashboards that act as the single source of truth for performance and KPI reporting to better understand business performance​.

Efficiently reach the consumer​

Improve marketing spend effectiveness, identify new media channels, and quickly diagnose consumer sentiment​.

Analyze each consumer touchpoint​

Understand media spend and leverage all internal, external, online, and offline data to understand each touchpoint’s attribution to the bottom line​.

How an entertainment provider increase fan satisfaction to an all-time high​

Identified performance issues

200% increase in self-service contact deflection​

9% increase in fan satisfaction (now sits as at all-time high)​

An entertainment provider acquired a new streaming service and imposed a new purchase and viewing model for its fans. As customer satisfaction began to decline, they needed to identify the gaps in service, triage, and ultimately determine if and how to adjust the model. RXA’s VoCx solution allowed the provider to trend customer sentiment prior to, during, and after a major event viewing. This information, combined with the provider’s own call center data, yielded the results to make key business decisions. ​

Production & Distribution Studio

AI / BI Consulting

How an entertainment company increased customer acquisition​

An entertainment provider was experiencing low customer acquisition with those that used the free trial option on their platform. By leveraging RXA’s BI Consulting services, RXA developed a sentiment and cohort analysis to analyze customer churn and identify trial members to target for upsell to a membership.​

Quickly/automatically identify targets​

Save time, manpower​

Increased customer acquisition by over double digits while not increasing marketing spend​

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