Activating your data to create triple digit percent growth in awareness, conversion, and sales.​

Scale And Speed

Leveraging unbiased data-driven path to purchase, retention, and growth; our over 120 clients worldwide uncover meaningful gains within 30 days as teams are empowered to make smarter, faster data-driven decisions.​


As a neutral 3rd party provider, we remain channel agnostic and deliver a perspective of truth empowering your team to make scalable & transparent solutions that attract, retain and grow your best customers.​


RXA is a global growth marketing technology leader fueled by applied artificial intelligence empowering great change with great humans.​​

Growth Marketing Intelligence Solutions

Find clarity when you need it most.

Problem Solvers

We empower your team to attract, convert, retain, and grow your customer base.

RXA guides customers to make smarter, faster, data-driven decision across all verticals, including OEM, Supplier, Agencies, Retail, Media, CPG, eCommerce, Finance, Healthcare, Government, and more.  Our growth marketing intelligence solutions assist you with:  

  • Brand protection and enhancements​
  • Optimizing media spend ​
  • Track consumer activity
  • Lead scoring​
  • Customer lifecycle actions​
  • Full funnel growth​​
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Customer Success Stories

Why our customers choose RXA.

Supplier's Faster Response

Supplier leveraged RXA’s Voice of Customer Experience​

98% response time improvement

Proactive identification of a quality issue minimized brand damage and avoided $100’s of millions in recall cost

Increase Store Revenue

Leveraged RXA’s Customer Lifecycle and Voice of Customer Experience​

Captured +$250,000 in revenue opportunity / store by converting data into a more clear view of customer behavior

Maximize Media Spend

Leveraged RXA’s Media Optimization​

+90% performance of incremental media spend

Optimizing over $20M in sales

Improve Customer Acquisition

Leveraged RXA’s Voice of Customer Experience​

+9% Customer Satisfaction

+176% increase in streaming subscribers

Improve Leads & Media

Leveraged RXA’s Customer Lifecycle and Media Optimization​

Improved media ROI by more than +40% with $0 additional spend

Increased lead acquisition by over 30%

Optimize Marketing Spend

Leveraged RXA’s Media Optimization​

For over 3,000 Dealerships​

Reallocated 28% of budget

+17% gross profit with $0 additional spend​

Over 130 Satisfied Customers Worldwide ​

RXA’s Growth Marketing Intelligence Solutions​

Attract. Convert. Retain & Grow.

Media Mix Modeling

Analyze media spend impact across campaigns and determine the optimal mix to meet your marketing goals.​

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Multi-Touch Attribution

Evaluate the incremental impact of each media touchpoint to make the most of each marketing dollar spent.​

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Lead Scoring

Determine which leads represent the most value for your organization.​

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Next Best Action

Analyze all possible scenarios and automate recommendations on the next best media action.​

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Voice of Customer Experience

Find real-time insights into what people are saying about your products and services.​

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RFM Interaction

Segment your customers to calculate their Customer Lifetime Value and inform what your next goals should be.​

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Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value​ a measurement of how valuable a customer is, not just on a purchase-by-purchase basis but across the whole relationship.​

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AI & BI Consulting

Full data, modeling, forecasting, visualization, and best practices to make smarter, better, faster decisions.​

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Our Growth Marketing INtelligence (GMI) Platform

Watch your expectations get blown away.​

RXA’s Growth Marketing Intelligence Platform securely connects and normalizes data from over 1,000 sources, providing a single source of truth to drive smarter, faster decisions.​ From connection through collaboration, RXA’s GMI Platform is the most powerful, secure, and flexible end-to-end applied artificial intelligence and analytics platform​​.

RXA’s GMI platform is a one stop shop for all of your data​
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Consulting Services

Our award-winning services minimize risks, maximize results and supercharge AI and BI programs.​

Artificial Intelligence & Business Intelligence

Our experts approach BI and AI as a critical component of growth, stability and market penetration for any company. ​Our track record exemplifies the idea that aligning with high-value, tactical demands will achieve superior analytics, data science, and applied artificial intelligence in dramatically less time.​​

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